Prime Lend America has been America’s Internet Mortgage Superstore since 1997. Thousands of homeowners and homebuyers have looked to Prime Lend America for their home financing needs.

Nationwide loan programs – Innovative, fast and reliable service from the leader in Internet mortgage lending.

Prime Lend America is a licensed and federal approved lending institution, not just a referral service that squeezes itself between you and the lender. We are the lender.

Conditions for obtaining loans and borrowings

You access the loans showing income from $ 2000. The incorporation age is up to 84 years. The fee to be paid may in no case exceed 50% of your income. Requires life insurance on the balance of the debt. The maximum amount is $ 150,000 according to the applicant’s ability to pay payday loans naples fl.

Macro bank personal loans offer an amount of up to $ 500,000 to be paid within 60 installments. The amount to be requested depends not only on the applicant’s income level but also on the client’s ability to pay, that is, the degree of indebtedness is considered.

Macro does not have a line to unify the debts of other institutions. It allows the refinancing of debts contracted in the institution. The personal loans available are free of charge, however they require a positive financial record. It offers amounts of up to $ 500,000 and up to 60 fees for cancellation.

A loan of $ 20,000 to be canceled in up to 24 months, implies the payment of a monthly fee of $ 1,689.85, meaning a monthly financial charge of 58.52%. If you are a Macro client, you must demonstrate stable income from $ 8500 and if you are a new client, you must do it from $ 10,000.

An amount of $ 6,000 can be paid within a period of 18 months, implying an average installment of $ 492.87, at a fixed rate of 44.50% annual nominal.

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